Meet the team

Organizing Team

Co-founder of GalMEP

Arsenie-Constantinescu Ioana

"I am Ioana and I am a senior at National College "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" Galați. It is a pleasure to work with such a dedicated, disciplined and wonderful organizing and academic team and the words can't describe my excitement to meet all of you, delegates.🫶"

Co-founder of GalMEP

Ana Maria Talasman

"My name is Talasman Ana Maria and I proudly serve as the co-founder of GalMEP. Currently enrolled as a senior at the National College Alexandru Ioan Cuza in Galati, my journey with GalMEP originated from a transformative experience at the European Parliament during a EuroScola session.🇪🇺"


Prodan Rares

DG of IT


Raileanu Nicky

DG of Staff


Vasilache Robert

DG of Marketing


Crevarucenco Delia

DG of Press


Anca Botez

DG of Photography


Iordache Andrei

DG of Finance


Ioana Drăguț

DG of Graphic Design


Stoica Darius

DG of Entertainment

Academic Team

Armita Modares

President of the General Assembly

“My tip: Give it a try! You never know what new thing you’ll learn. Who you’ll meet! You might find a new hobby — that is debating or public speaking. Especially if you’re from Galati, do not miss the chance! See you in March.”

Maria Gatin

Deputy President of the General Assembly

“I hope that we can take this opportunity and enjoy, not only the knowledge and moral values that it brings, but also the experience itself! I hope you all find the courage within yourselves to leave your confort zones and have a go at what might change your life!”

Miruna Turigioiu

Secretary General

“Through my position in GALmep as a Secretary General, I want to give some of my experience to those who are eager to learn more about European Union and how the legislative component ensures our democracy is at a high level. 

I can’t wait to meet all of you at the conference! <3″

Thea Buruscanu

Deputy Secretary General

“I am a senior in high school and when I am not participating in extracurricular activities simulating Courts, I study for the entry exam of the Faculty of Law. I am truly mesmerized by this field and I hope to help other young people discover their love for the field of Law by participating in the GalMEP.


It is an honor to be in this position. I can’t wait to see all of you!”